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Laurie has a vision to encourage reading and writing among children.  This has lead to the development of her Literacy Program for primary students.  Laurie has began sharing this program with schools in her community.  

"St. Andrew Catholic School recently hosted an author visit with Laurie Snure where she presented her book, God Sent Me a Little Sister. Students from grades 1 to 4 were treated to Laurie reading her story aloud to them, followed by a question and answer session. Students found Laurie to be an engaging and enthusiastic presenter and enjoyed her genuine interest in their questions and comments. Her book has now become a popular request title in the school library collection."

Phyllis McIntosh
St. Andrew Catholic School

Writer connects with young listeners

Saturday, November 8, 2008

     After the release of her book, God Sent Me a Little Sister, author Laurie Snure has been on the road getting the word out about it.
     Snure visited St Andrew elementary school on Wednesday to do book readings for students. It was the first reading since the book's release in July.
     It was a busy day because there were three half-hour sessions for students in primary grades. Students also had a chance to buy the book and have the author sign it for them.
     A mother of two young children, Snure can appreciate and understand the joys and challenges of being a mother. Her children are son, Tyler and daughter, Hailey.
     "When my daughter was born, it gave me lots of ideas," she said. "I started writing from there."
In one of the reading sessions, she was asked by a female Grade 3 student about the choice of title.
     "When Hailey was born, Tyler went around telling everyone and when Tyler was asked how he was doing he would say, 'Did you know God sent me a little sister?'” she said, and that became the title.
     The sessions provided opportunity for dialogue between author and students. For example, Snure asked what they do at home to help their moms and dads.
     "Cleaning up my room," was one boy's response.
     "I vacuum," another said. And a girl added, "I help my mom by doing anything she says."
     Snure asked the students: "Did you know that lots of times your little brothers and sisters want to grow up to be just like you?" Boys and girls raised their hands and said in unison, "Yes!"
     Snure, a St. Catharines resident, has a family connection to the school through marriage to the Duquette family. Students attending St. Andrew are Jacob, Grade 8; Eden, Grade 4; and Sean, Senior Kindergarten.
     She is hoping to do more readings and has plans to write more children's stories.
     Asked if she would consider another genre of writing, she said, "It's fun writing children's books."
     On the basis of hands raised in the air, it was easy to see there was no shortage of interest on the part of her young audience.
     Snure left the children with these words of wisdom and encouragement: "Always know if there is something you would like to do, you can do it!"

JASMINE MAHEUX is a Notre Dame College School student on co-op placement at The Tribune.


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